TRIGO focusing onto solve the difficulties in currency exchange while traveling

Just with TRIGO, No more expensive fee. The Easiest in paying.

Until now, you have been through some trouble and inconvenience in exchanging or paying when you stay abroad. With TRIGO Coin, you don't have to exchange the currency.

Just go, Just pay, Just use TRIGO coin Because TRIGO has the Mobile QR Cord. As soon as you download it from Appstore in your cellphone, you can use TRIGO Coin wherever you pay without money.

We are developing TRIGO Community

This is for freely sharing information and people's opinion about travel. It would make your travel easier, more exciting and very reasonable expensive. It must be helpful to you. In this internet media, TRIGO community, you can also talk your precious experiences about travels.

We provide a lot of benefits to anyone uploading his and her stories. It is expected that whoever uploading their stories could get lots of benefits from TRIGO something like Starbucks coupons, free travel or TRIGO Coin airdrop. Many events are also being prepared to gift TRIGO users.


Best Features

Speeding up transaction

To complete transaction, only 2-5 seconds on average

Low fees

Much low or almost no charge fees

Stellar Consensus Protocol

Distributed Control with Improved Independent Agreements

Easy Pay Instantly

Easy to pay and use anywhere you go with TRIGO QR Cord

A Global Network

Utilizing STELLLAR NETWORK with IBM investing and participating

Improved smart contract

More flexible and simple structure than Ethereum

TRIGO article

Road Map


2019. 8. 13. Signed a contract with Laolove webcafe.

We signed a contract with Laolove (Laos information exchange webcafe).

2019. 7. 29. Signed a contract with Xaisavanh Souvandy, a lawyer in Laos

We signed a contract with Xaisavanh Souvandy for legal help in Laos.

2019. 7. 16. TRIGO Wallet major update

Wallet design change, language changeable, UI optimization.

2019. 7. 15. Signed a contract with D'LIGHT,a law firm in Korea

We have entered into a business contract with D'Light, a block-chain professional law firm.

2019. 7. 12. TRIGO animation episode 1 release

Two character name is Elle(blonde) and Kim(brownhair).

2019. 6. 28. TRIGO promotion character video release

We signed a contract with the famous Indigored (Now Honey Layer) Producer Choi sun-mi.

2019. 6. 3. TRIGO Wallet first update

Android wallet alpha version development.

Business Partners

Stellar Lumens News

Stellar Lumens Alliance

Download Our Mobile App

Download and install our TRIGO wallet. Your trip will be more enjoyable. You can use your TRIGO wallet to pay for various travel packages online and offline with Qr Code. Of course, it's possible to send TRIGO to someone else. Download it now.

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What is the official name of the ICO?

The official name is TRICO COIN and uses TRG as an abbreviation.

There are many types of coins that are similar to TRIGO. However, very few coins are used in real life. TRIGO will bring a sensation to the travel tourism market because it is considered that it can be full the needs of travelers' convenience first.

TRIGO wallets can be paid for partners like shopping site, hotels, dutyfrees, and travel agency, etc. Also it can transger to the other wallets for exchanging.

In the beginning, TRIGO Coin would be able to pay in China, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Thailand and Singapore. More countries that can use will be added.

Team Member

Seong Hyeok, Kim


Yonsei University
President at a professional academy since 2012.
Travel enthusiast.
Build TRIGO team to solve travel inconvenience through blockchain.

Evan Shim


Expert in foreign cooperation
International trader over 15 years.
Senior Professional Builder in global business partnerships worldwide.

Steve Lim


Pukyong National University
Specialist in E-commerce.
Marketing Director in P Company, Australia.
Professional Marketer in Blockchain.

Stephanie Sul


Ewha Womans University
Organizing many projects in Siemens several years.
Early adopter in the travels.

Eddie Yeo

TRIGO Developer

IT Developer and Engineer
Experience in Back-end development,
server building/operating over 12 years.

Hai Ling

China Business Manager

Dalian Polytechnic University
DELL in China Branch 5 years.

Global Team Member

Alex Vazquez

TRIGO Developer

Wang Zhesheng

China Business Team

Li Gen

China Business Team

Lau Chen

China Business Team

Masato Kenichi

Japan Business Manager

Chino Haruka

Japan Business Team